What? Autumn already?

I have to admit I’m feeling rather ashamed of myself.  I promised that I was going to write a regular blog and when I looked I realised it’s eighteen months since the last one.  Where did the time go?  And more importantly where did 2014 go?  It seems no time at all since the beginning of the year when the rain was incessant and I thought I was going to have to go to the local hardware shop and buy wood to build an ark.  The next thing I know it’s October and there are adverts on the TV telling you to order your new sofa now in time for Christmas.  Christmas – what?! 

Actually I visited a friend today and was horrified to see a red shiny parcel in her hallway.  I thought for one awful moment she’d already wrapped her Christmas presents but was assured it was just Christmas looking birthday paper.  Phew!

Last week I went on holiday which was fab.  It’s been two years since Miles and I managed a whole week away as for eighteen months we had my darling Mum living with us.  Sadly she passed away in April and life in the Edge household has been very different and a lot quieter without her around.  She was amazing in every way and also introduced me to a whole range of day-time TV which I didn’t know existed.  She was quite the Wordsearch Queen and we’d laugh as we looked for the final word to complete the set.  She introduced me to Deal Or No Deal and would regularly pop her head round the office door asking if it was time for it to start yet.  I haven’t watched it since.

As for the holiday, well it was lovely to spend quality time with a big group of friends.  Unfortunately I rather messed things up by falling down a bank at the back of the house on the first night.  We were actually looking at the stars, and I know you’ll think I was the worse for wear but honestly I’d only had one glass of wine, when I put my foot down only to realise there wasn’t any ground below.  The dew made my feet quicken somewhat and I’d built up a little speed when I came to the wall supporting the bank which led to a stone patio below.  I thought I was about to meet my maker when I realised that I was about to fall the four feet off the wall having already gained considerable momentum by descending the bank.  The poor friends who saw me disappear into the black hole thought they were going to have to call an ambulance at the least and the coroner at the very worst.  Amazingly, I only hurt my knee and my arm and shoulder so someone must have been watching over me.  It did however, put paid to all the water-skiing, windsurfing, cliff jumping etc. that I had planned (Ha Ha!).  Anyway suffice to say I’m recovering slowly and it could have been very much worse!  And I’m back at work as normal – can’t keep a good woman down!

So what’s happening at Events With The Edge?  Well, we’re starting a new Black Country Business Breakfast Club at the Millennium Copthorne in Merry Hill this month.  This is really combining our previous Halesowen and Dudley Breakfast Clubs and will have a more Black Country theme.  

I’ve been looking at our website too and decided that needed some up-dating so do have a look if you get the chance.

This made me think about Event Management in general and why anyone would use it.  Well, Laura has been having trouble with her boiler so she called a plumber because he’s an expert at boilers.  It’s the same with everything.  Why would you waste time and energy on doing it yourself when you can get someone else to do it for you?  A client recently said to us “I’ve got loads of fee paying work that I need to do, so it makes perfect sense to let you arrange our event while I do the work I’m good at.  It’d take me far more time than it will you, it’s a far more cost effective use of my time and I can get on with my job and you can get on with the event.”  And that’s it. 

So if you’re thinking of arranging an event – do ask yourself if you could do with some help and would prefer to just turn up on the day and have it all organised for you.  Believe me – Laura has no intention of sorting out her boiler or, at least, I hope not!