New Blog – About time too!…

…. quite frankly!  I have been extremely bad about updating this.  I started writing this one in January but now realise it’s 1st March and I still haven’t published it – so much for my New Year resolution of trying to blog more frequently!

Mind you, there has been quite a lot going on.  Laura and family are now happily ensconced in their new home and we may be moving the office – but more about that next time.

It’s become very quiet at home without Laura and the children, but the highlight was probably the disappearance of the fish who was won at Burwarton Country Show about six years ago.  We couldn’t believe he (or is it a she?) would survive even the journey back on one of the hottest days of the year, never mind still swimming around in 2018, but then you never can tell, but now I don’t have to look at the increasingly murky waters whilst nagging the children to clean it out I feel much happier.  I do however very much miss Laura’s three-legged cat who at nearly seventeen still played with the strings on the blind in the kitchen like the forever kitten-cat she is.

Actually, I miss Laura and the family too, but don’t tell them!

At EWTE our networking events at Bromsgrove and Ombersley are still going well and we have some great speakers lined up for 2018.

We have also considered re-forming our Black Country Business Breakfast.  We’ve had several people who want this to start again and we’d be interested to hear from anyone who would like to support this before we take the plunge.

On 20 March we are holding a GDPR Seminar at Stourbridge RFC.  Like the EU Debate before the Referendum, there will be a panel who will talk about different aspects of GDPR, but, more importantly, we will be holding a Q&A session where attendees will be able to ask more specific questions.  We realise that there have been many GDPR events, but we really hope that this will help de-mystify what actually happens when 25 May 2018 arrives and GDPR comes into force.  After the EU Debate, a lot of the attendees were kind enough to get in touch and say how helpful they had found it and we believe this can be of similar assistance.  This is your chance to ask the questions that nobody is answering.  A breakfast-time event, put the date in your diaries now as we will be sending out more information very soon.

We’ve also started Business Lunches in association with Stourbridge Rugby Football Club and the first, with Graeme Chaplin from the Bank of England, was very well received.  The next will be on 27 June when our speaker will be Ian Ward, Leader of Birmingham City Council.

Apart from his important role as Leader of the largest local authority in the UK, Ian was the driving force behind Birmingham being chosen to host the Commonwealth Games in 2022.  Birmingham had originally intended to bid for the Games in 2026, but when Durban dropped out, Birmingham stepped up to the plate and were awarded the 2022 Games which is a tremendous coup for the city.  Alongside the reports that the Midlands is attracting new prestigious companies including HSBC and hopefully Channel 4, the impact of the Commonwealth Games will have a positive knock-on effect for the whole of the West Midlands region and this is a lunch that shouldn’t be missed.

Whilst we’re on business, at EWTE we’re not doing enough of another of our specialisms for local companies which is conferences and seminars.  When your company wants to arrange an event, please think about asking us about it.

Events With The Edge started in 2008 working mainly for the public sector and arranged a number of big two and one-day conferences for which we arranged everything from invitations, dealing with responses, audio visual equipment, sign language interpreters, accommodation, transport, registration, food etc.  Recently we arranged three events for ZEISS, one in Cheshire and two in Surrey.  All were very successful, and we’d like to do more of this type of work.

Our fees are very reasonable, and we have a large list of companies who can supply us with promotional products; audio visual equipment; printed material; posters; banners; feather flags; all of good quality and at very competitive prices.

We have a huge amount of experience in arranging these events and we take pride in making sure we fulfil your vision of how your event should be.  Why take time out of your busy schedules doing something we could do for you more cost effectively?  Here endeth the lesson!

Please call us if we can help.