Driving Success with ZEISS

I have a friend who is a keen amateur photographer.  He bought a new, very expensive camera and was keen to start taking pictures.   But he wasn’t as pleased with the quality of his pictures as he thought.  He changed the lens on his new camera for his old ZEISS one as he said it was the best lens he’d ever had.  Even I could tell the difference in his pictures.

Why I am telling you this?  Well, we were uber excited when we were asked to quote for arranging three exclusive driving events for none other than ZEISS.  As I’ve already said, they make lenses.  Not only for cameras, but glasses, telescopes, microscopes etc.  They are arguably the best lens makers in the world and it was a real thrill to put together a proposal for organising a series of events, across the country.

Despite tough opposition from other event management companies, we thought that our proposition was really robust and ticked all the ZEISS boxes and then some.  We knew ZEISS were impressed and hoped our suggestions would be better than the opposition.  It was then a waiting game to get the result.  We were down to the final two and  you can imagine our delight when a phone call followed by an e-mail confirmed that we had secured the contract.

October saw us at Oulton Park in Cheshire and twice at Mercedes Benz World in Surrey putting our proposal into action, and from the reaction of the clients who had been zooming around the track, racing each other on giant Scalextric and F1 simulators, getting experience of virtual reality headsets.  The feedback from ZEISS and their clients was excellent and everyone was delighted with a job well done.

Bring on the next one!