Events With The Edge’s energy and enthusiasm is infectious and I know that being at an event organised by Jilly and her team is always worthwhile and valuable. The events are well attended and I would not hesitate to recommend Jilly to anyone. Her organised events have made a big difference in raising the profile of our practice and are still continuing to do so.

Shane MillerThursfields LLP

I have attended Breakfast meetings in Dudley and Bromsgrove, organised by Laura Iceton of Events with the Edge for over two years now. As a seasoned networker I am well placed to comment on how excellent and well organised they always are. Laura and Jilly greet the keen attendees with welcoming and friendly smiles, however early it is in the morning ! They know each visitor by name and ensure that any ‘newbies’ feels instantly at ease. The events themselves have a wide variety of interesting guest speakers and the food is always good and plentiful. The guests are always thanked for their attendance and each one genuinely feels that they have spent their morning in a constructive way.

I have no hesitation in recommending Laura for either a networking event or if you want to make your own event run like clockwork. She certainly has the Edge on her Event competitors !

Adrian GraingerGriffiths & Pegg

I have worked closely with Events With The Edge with the sponsorship of the North Worcestershire Breakfast Club and have been very impressed with their organisational skills and attention to detail.

I have also attended many other events organised by them and have always enjoyed them and found them extremely beneficial in terms of strengthening existing relationships and making new ones too.

Siobhan RecordProsser Knowles Associates Ltd

Jilly quickly developed good working relations with staff at all levels in the new EHRC Commission and produced a strategy to promote the EU campaign across Britain through a series of events culminating in the final event at the House of Commons.

“Jilly conceived and delivered a campaign to promote the EYEOA during the very difficult transition period while the Commission was being launched. She worked well with the team and delivered work to a high standard and to time.

“I have no hesitation in recommending her.”

Colleen Harris was formerly a senior communications officer at 10 Downing Street, Press Secretary to HRH the Prince of Wales; Communications Director at the CRE and interim Group Director of Communication, EHRC.

Coleen Harris

Jilly worked as project manager for our largest BBC accountability event in England, the Audience Council England biennial seminar,

Planning for this two day event begins six months prior to the date and includes liaison with myself and the BBC Trust, the 12-strong accountability team in England, senior BBC managers and the 200 or so volunteer members of our 13 audience councils.

Jilly and her assistants have always provided an excellent service which is why we used her and why I am happy to provide this testimonial. She is a consummate organiser with an eye for detail, the ability to juggle several tasks at once, and patience when dealing with those less experienced at organising major events (I count myself and my team in here).

She has strong communication and inter-personal skills which have been regularly called on in order to handle the difficult situations and personalities that inevitably arise in a large scale event such as the seminar, and has somehow managed all this without at any time losing her composure.

The success of the seminars, as evaluated by the delegates themselves, has been due in large part to Jilly’s efficiency and I have no hesitation in recommending her as an outstanding events organiser.

Louise Hall

The whole point of your approach at the Business Breakfasts is to introduce people to each other and let them move at their own pace. This is where you differ from your competition and as a result not only do you seem to cater for similarly minded individuals, but also for those professions such as ours, where building a longer-term business relationship is far more important. I also think that having an independent speaker makes it much less ‘short-term sales orientated’ and more interesting to attend regularly.

Certainly in our business, which is based on Trust, the intention is to get to know those who may eventually become consistent introducers of business over the longer term. This means appreciating each other’s complimentary skills and understanding, rather than just a quick deal.

Specifically, the Breakfasts have initiated a few leads. We now regularly are introduced as DFMs (Discretionary Fund Managers) to clients of a firm of Financial Advisors I met at a Bromsgrove breakfast some time ago.

David ShawSmith and Williamson

I have for some 8 years or more undertaken the role in my capacity as a senior Magistrate of some 30 years experience and as Deputy Lieutenant for the West Midlands undertaken the responsibility on an annual basis, to host to selected members of RCDS (Royal College of Defence Studies) to the West Midlands, for Jilly Edge

My brief was to introduce the English Criminal Justice System to our visitors and to arrange for the most senior Judges and practitioners from the High Court, Crown Court, Magistrates Court, and Crown Prosecution Service to provide an overview into their respective roles within the criminal justice system in England. The visit would include a tour of the Law Courts and an opportunity to observe courts sitting and adjudicating and provide a forum for questions and answers from acknowledged experts.

This under taking by Jilly Edge was just a small part of the extensive schedule, which was required for the visit to the West Midlands by senior ranked military personnel. The visits included not only the Criminal Justice System, but included Local Authority, Health, Education, Communities, Faiths, Police and a multitude of various visits to a whole range of organisations, which would give an in depth understanding of the operation and management of a large City within and including the West Midlands conurbation.

The visit scheduled over many days is an extensive, logistical operation, arranging, liasing and organising the time tables, personnel, visits, transportation and accommodation of the visitors who in the main consist of Generals, Admirals, Brigadiers, NASA representatives, Wing Commanders, and many other senior ranks including MOD representatives from all over the world. A high profile visit, with senior military requires a special understanding of protocol, culture, responsibility, security and an experienced, unflappable professional approach. That is where Jilly Edge comes to the fore; Jilly brings to the tours, contacts at the highest level, within the various organisations, and possesses an eye for detail and flexibility that accommodates the unexpected.

I have personally over many years have enjoyed the various undertakings appreciating the ambassadorial aspect of hosting discerning, professional leaders from all continents. I wish Events with the Edge continued success in the new extended venture.

David H Bradnock MBE JP DL FBHI

As a sponsor of the Bromsgrove Business Breakfast club we have been thoroughly impressed by all members of the Events with the Edge team. The breakfast club is organised incredibly well and I always look forward to hearing from the guest speakers. Furthermore, the club is a great place to meet with like-minded individuals, in a relaxed yet professional atmosphere.

Michael HarveyDirectorHL Consulting

What a great way to engage in a meaningful way – set me up for the day and week ahead. Our discussion around Worcestershire County Council’s role in building Worldclass Worcestershire and the opportunities presented in the Growth Deal was constructive and challenging – good to be having a vibrant and open debate between businesses and local government. And what a great breakfast. Thanks Jilly.

Clare Marchant

Thomas Horton are proud to be sponsors of this successful established monthly event which is aimed at local business folk and their professional advisors. We would like to encourage you or a colleague to attend this month or in the near future. There are no ’60 second round the table intros’, or the like. Just a decent breakfast amongst good company and with an interesting speaker.

Jeff TaylorThomas Horton LLP

Attending the “Events With The Edge” networking events is of great benefit to my law firm. Not only are the events popular amongst our clients but also with our professional contacts in the locality. Our regular attendance has allowed us to nurture current relationships and to build new relationships with fresh contacts.

Philip ChapmanWall James Chappell Solicitors